Water Lily Blazing Blossom | Painting | Poster | Fine Art for Sale



Water Lily Blazing Blossom, is an original fine art print, which is designed to make a unique, colorful impact. The floral subject matter of the print, with a style of contemporary abstract art, and a vibrant palette of vivid colors, make it an eye-catching piece for any wall decor, whether for your personal use, or as a gift.


Water Lily Blazing Blossom is a perfect centerpiece for modern interior design of spaces such as living rooms, lofts, meeting rooms, office spaces, restaurants, cafes etc.


The poster’s artwork is from a mixture of techniques. And, is a result of combining, painting (on paper and panels), drawing (pencil, pen and ink), photography, sculpture, scanning of textures, and digital image manipulations.


This poster is printed on thick (240g) matte paper, in a high resolution, multi-color professional digital printer. Each print contains 2.5 cm (1 inch) white border for framing.

Tips For Framing

This painting was inspired by Monet's water lilies series. The Impressionists treatment of color has a great influence on my work, thought the vibrant color palette used in my paintings is much closer to that of a pop artist. In this artwork I tried to capture the abstraction of form that dominates his later works in the series, but instead of using an impressionist brush stroke, in this depiction of nature, the forms are broken down in a manner that is influenced by a cubist  approach. An intellectual understanding of a painting, always ads depth to a work of art, though in-the-end, the feelings it evokes is where its true meaning is found.


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